Ever since the company was set up in 2005, Sophia Conseil has been proving that there is another way when it comes to leading the field in engineering.

Certified by the Great Place to Work France for 2 years, Sophia Conseil have taken up the challenge of making room for the human dimension in the technical and scientific world and, we have used this virtuous model to secure the loyalty of a range of world-renowned companies and some of the most talented consultants around.


Sophia Conseil’s management model is the only one of its kind on the market and was set up by Vincent David with the aim of attracting and securing the loyalty of the most talented consultants around, by offering them a stimulating environment tailored to their own individual needs.

and our consultants’ pay rises depending upon how well they perform. When a consultant is working on a project, his or her pay is made up of a fixed part and a variable performance-based part. When consultants are between contracts they continue to receive the fixed part of their pay but without the variable part. This model is the only one of its kind on the market and it acts as a kind of recruitment filter to help us attract only the very best, most highly motivated consultants.

and can even, if they so wish catch up with the client at the end of the project.

For instance, TRACE IT ALL is a solution developed by Sophia Conseil members of staff who are part of the twelve national contact-free technology projects chosen by the Ministry of Industry in July 2010.

and can even, if they so wish catch up with the client at the end of the project.

They are involved in choosing their projects and have a free choice not just according to the nature of the project but also according to more personal criteria such as location, among the proposed client projects.

Sophia Conseil’s goal is – quite literally – to help consultants to develop their professional potential so that they are constantly moving forwards and improving their performances. They can go on training sessions either to further their knowledge or to acquire new skills.

Benefits for the consultant :
  • A pay package providing real stimulation

    At Sophia Conseil, consultants’ pay rises according to how well they perform. The fruits of our work are out shared fairly – but so are the risks, so if a consultant turns down a project which matches his or her criteria, that means saying goodbye to the variable part of the pay package.

  • Managing their own career development

    Consultants are involved in choosing the projects on which they work according to the nature of the project, but also according to more personal criteria such as location, among the proposed client projects. They can work towards taking their skills in a particular direction, either to develop technical expertise or to acquire project management experience.

  • A working environment offering a real sense of security

    At Sophia Conseil, consultants get both technical and practical support. The technical support comes from the interpersonal networks they build up via the project engineer and the technical advisor whereas there is practical support thanks to the assistance provided by Sophia Conseil head office, helping them in their everyday lives (looking for accommodation, administrative formalities, etc.).

Benefits for the client :
  • They can draw on the real potential offered by the consultants, some of whom operate in very cutting-edge areas. Sophia Conseil’s management methods attract consultants who are sure of their own potential and who are committed to the partnership offered by the company.

  • They get all the benefits of working with consultants who remain highly motivated throughout their projects. The working environment is designed so that consultants feel at home at the company, even when projects take them away from base.

  • The ability to structure projects on a fixed package basis. Sophia Conseil can provide management, methods and skills. All our staff are at the very top of their games and are supervised by an experienced project manager. They use tried and tested working methods making them highly efficient.

The fact that Sophia Conseil consultants are performing to the very best of their ability and highly motivated is in our clients’ best interests, in other words what’s good for the consultant is good for the client.