The issues involved in the project

The TRACE IT ALL project arose out of a meeting between a corporate account, Schneider Electric, which wanted to solve a cutting edge technological problem, a very small company whose expertise is in the field of RFID, RFit Technologies, and an SME, Sophia Conseil, whose role was to create and assemble technological bricks.

When we talk about the traceability of RFID labels and the future of the Internet of Things, it is often a matter of tracking finished (packaged) products, mass consumer products (textile, agro-food, etc. industries) or animal identification products.

If an electronic card is fitted with an RFID chip or has one embedded, it then becomes intelligent, capable of communicating – it can be tracked remotely and connected to the Internet.

This then opens up previously unheard-of industrial and economic prospects such as efficient, reliable production, the ability to dispense with manual operations, ease of use, ease and efficiency of maintenance, a first step towards the Internet of Things and access to dedicated services, a range of new services (maintenance, hotlines, revision, commercial offers, information, loyalty, etc.) associated with industrial electronic cards.

The target which drives this project is total industrial traceability, for electronic cards and boxes, from manufacturing to end of life, by means of the creation of a black box allowing the production systems and supervision tools to be interconnected.

So this project provides a system for tracing the manufacturing of electronic cards using RFID tags, thus ensuring their manufacturing quality.

Service provided by Sophia Conseil

Sophia Conseil’s role in this project is to:

  • develop a turnkey solution, ready to be sold to all electronic card manufacturers worldwide;
  • manage the project’s dealings with government bodies;
  • assemble the bricks provided by various partners in order to come up with the solution demanded by Schneider Electric.


  • TRACE IT ALL was labelled by both the SCS competitive cluster and the CNRFID cluster and was chosen by the minister for industry in the IPER 2010 call for proposals on RFID technologies.
  • The project was even presented in Chinese by the Chairman of Schneider Electric, Jean-Pascal Tricoire to the Chinese President Hu Jintao during his visit to the Schneider factory in Carros (06) on 6th November 2010.
  • Eventually, the TRACE IT ALL project will help to create a number of jobs directly linked to the development of the solution and the life of the product. It will also allow a number of products to be marketed.
  • Validation of the proof of concept produced.
  • The building of a prototype is underway.

Download the PDF
Download the PDF