Ministry of defence

The issues involved in the project

Intergraph’s Defence and Intelligence product range is found in various French government bodies including the Ministry of Defence and its subcontractors. It allows data to be produced from the filling in of standardised formats (VPF, MGCP) for inter-departmental exchanges of information.

Service provided by Sophia Conseil

Introduction of high level technical support across this product range for the various clients in the defence sector (public and private). Working on various levels, they analyse the problem, reproduced it, feed it back to the R&D teams and offer clients solutions.

In addition to this, the experience built up across this product range allows the Sophia Conseil consultants to take part at the pre-sale stage when the specifications for the applications developed for clients in the field of defence are drawn up.


  • Winning of new contracts with French and European clients relating to products from Intergraph ’s Defence Range.
  • Transfer of skills to the new Intergraph France teams on products from the Defence rang