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The aim of the LUXMONITOR project is to supply a wireless (radio frequency) system for the purposes of controlling, managing and optimising the electricity consumption of lighting networks which can be managed over the Internet.

This system fulfils the following functions: control over the switching on and off of lights, control over the light intensity, fault management and creation of lighting scenarios.

The radio frequency technology used by Luxmonitor is not implemented on the market at the present time. It comes as a replacement for or a complement to existing powerline carrier solutions by doing away with the electricity grid’s topology constraints.

One of the major issues involved with this product is rolling it out in the countries where powerline carrier technology cannot be used because the electricity grid is of poor quality or its topology is unsuitable.

Service provided by Sophia Conseil

  • Sophia Conseil pooled its various different design and engineering departments’ skills in the fields of mechanical engineering (enclosure), electronics (hardware) and embedded computing (on-board software) to come up with an industrial product which could be marketed.
  • Thanks to the innovation platform set up at Sophia Conseil, Luxmonitor have been able to use their own funds to develop responses to internal specifications improved by industrial companies in the sector
  • Sophia Conseil is helping LUXMONITOR to lead the project in dealings with local authorities and the major players on the market (ballast and lighting column manufacturers and installers)


  • Demonstration prototype presented at the 2010 LUMIVILLE trade show
  • The industrial version of the product was presented at the 2011 LUMIVILLE trade show
  • Patent pending
  • Installation of a demonstration site (public gardens) in the town of Cagnes sur Mer
  • Installations are in the process of being negotiated in other towns and cities in the 06 department (Alpes Maritimes) and the rest of France
  • OSEO funding
  • Labelling of the CAP ÉNERGIE competitive cluster

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