At the present time, the design of an « aeronautical wheel and brake » assembly involves more than just mechanical issues (structure, fatigue, dynamics): recent developments relating to demand from aircraft manufacturers and companies, in terms of both reducing weight and aircraft rotation times, have shown up new issues relating to the equipment’s thermal behaviour.

So it is vital that we deepen our knowledge in this area, firstly in order to improve turnaround times and the reliability of responses to the specifications and secondly in order to provide ideas for ways of optimising the design in thermal terms. This project will also offer a robust modelling tool for the pre-dimensioning of future landing gear.

Service provided by Sophia Conseil

What Sophia Conseil brought to the project was a knowledge of digital modelling and an engineer’s approach in order to help the student writing the thesis to build a tool which would be reliable, validated and could be used immediately by teams of engineers in order to pre-dimension future landing gear.


  • The in-depth analysis of heat exchanges has already led to the mapping of the flows of heat travelling around the equipment and this is now an essential tool used at Messier-Bugatti. A nodal model is currently being built based upon this data and, in addition to this, a methodology designed to reduce the complexity is currently being drawn up.