The water distribution service was privatised by Jacques Chirac in 1984 and contracted out to Veolia and Suez and an Établissement Public Industriel et Commercial (EPIC – state-funded industrial and commercial establishment) was set up for this purpose. This municipal organisation took over the production activities handled by Eau de Paris, which was 70% owned by the city council, and also the distribution activities which were entrusted to the private sector. In January 2010, the EPIC was given responsibility for the whole of the water cycle chain.

Eau De Paris, a state-funded industrial and commercial establishment, was set up in order to provide the public water service in Paris. For this purpose, since 1st May 2009 it has been managing the production and transportation of water which had up until then been entrusted to the SAGEP, before becoming the sole operator on 1st January 2010 taking over the distribution of water to subscribers.

Starting on 1st January 2010, Eau De Paris wished to acquire an operational MIS allowing it to manage and map its assets and including the functionalities of the current distribution part and network data on its area. Intergraph (a publisher of MIS solutions) won contract 1588 for the setting up of a unifying MIS at EDP.

Service provided by Sophia Conseil

  • Overall management of the project, interface between Eau De Paris and Intergraph
  • The data and the introduction of a unifying MIS, including an analysis of the data and the introduction of a method for integrating data
  • The technical and functional specifications: analysis of EDP’s requirements
  • The development of specific business applications based on Intergraph’s GeoMedia technology


  • Monitoring the start of production of the MIS
  • Acceptance and ISO – functionalities
  • Certification of the system