Project Description

Vincent David, the chairman of Sophia Conseil, was part of the French delegation at the G20 YES summit held in Mexico, from 1st to 5th June 2012.

“The G20 YES (Young Entrepreneur Summit) is a summit attended by the twenty most representative and emblematic entrepreneurs from each of the G20 countries. The G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit is held within the wider framework of the G20 YEA (Young Entrepreneur Alliance). It is modelled on the way that the G20 operates, with a process involving the Chairs and Sherpas monitoring the contents of a press release on the specific measures which each country could implement to develop enterprise.
The aim is both to make entrepreneurs’ voices heard and to recognise the role that they play in innovation and the creation of jobs by means of a three-day event attracting 400 entrepreneurs from the twenty most powerful economies”.

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Below you can download the press release distributed for the event, along with the final press release showing the results of the work carried out during the summit.
Vincent David was invited to represent France at the G20 for young entrepreneurs in Mexico from 2nd to 6th June.